So you've gone and started a blog, have you?

Welcome to the Lucy Maggie Designs blog, fresh out the oven. Why have I decided to start a blog now, you ask? Well, and please read this in your best Brin-from-Gavin-and-Stacey accent, I'll tell you for why...

After a weekend filled with love, laughter and a fair amount of gin (I am not ashamed to admit) celebrating the marriage of some dear friends, I was convinced by one of my besties that blogging could change my business.

"Mate, I can teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about blogging" my friend declared. "Blogging revolutionises small businesses! I don't understand why more people don't spend the time sharing knowledge with others, not to mention the positive impact it can have on your site's SEO."

I of course groaned at the mere mention of that dreaded acronym, but my friend, as a professional in digital marketing, went to on to explain that SEO was, contrary to my long-standing belief, nothing to fear. "It's all about understanding how Google works," she explained matter-of-factly. "It seems really daunting, but it's all about content. You need to drive people to your website, and once they're there, you need to make them want to come back. Blogs are great for both of these things, because you are posting fresh content all of the time, improving your keyword SEO, whilst giving your site visitors something to return to your website for at a later date. Plus, you'll be helping others who find they can learn something from your posts: offer advice, comment on trends, write about your experiences as an illustrator... its a win-win for everyone."

I had to agree, she did put forward a convincing case. Through blogging, I could share my wisdom (or perhaps lack thereof, that's for you to be the judge) with others, and maybe gain some new customers in the process.

So here I am, 3 hours later, slightly jaded from the celebrations of the weekend, enthusiastically writing my first blog post. And I have to say, whilst its a bit short, I have quite enjoyed it.

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