What is your favourite card you’ve designed for Sunshine Llama, and why?

My favourite to design was the father and daughter dress up card for Father’s Day. I think its really fun and I loved drawing a pretty princess dress on a man. I think he wears it well!

Can you tell us a little bit more about your design process? What do you enjoy most about the design process?

I like to start off with a mind map of rough ideas, generally just some key words or funny sayings I think would work well for greeting cards. I then slip into a slight panic about how going to pull this off. My favourite part is adding small details into my illustrations to bring them to life.

How did you get into illustration/design?

I’ve always liked drawing as a kid, I was the one who’d rather stay in and draw than go and play sports during golden time in school. Deciding I wanted to go into design as a career was easy as its always something I’ve done naturally. Plus my brain shuts down with anything serious so getting to draw silly things to put on cards works well for me.

Where do you find inspiration?

I mainly use social media such as Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with other illustrators and see other peoples style of work and gain ideas from that. I also just refer back to things I’ve seen day to day that can be referenced. I think my sense of humour also plays a big part in my card designs, as I’m known for telling a dad joke every now and then.

Who is your favourite designer/artist/creative person?

I have so many, but my current faves are Felicia Chiao, James Jean and Kinokorp I love their style of work.

Do you have any top tips for aspiring designers?

Don’t overthink! I still do myself and am in the process of trying to unlearn it. But all it does is prolong the time it takes you to work and take the fun out of it. I think small mistakes or having imperfections in your work makes them more interesting to look at.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself 🙂

I am the mother of a little boy, his name is Koji and he is a dog.

What is your favourite film?

I’m not ashamed to say it, I LOVE CARS (yes the Pixar movie) I think it is a work of art. RIP doc Hudson. KACHOW!!

What is your star sign?

I am a Cancer (everyones fave xoxo)

For all the astrology girls out there my moon is Capricorn and my rising is Libra (like Beyoncè)