What is your favourite card you’ve designed for Sunshine Llama, and why?
I love the ‘take care of you’ design as it is very much inspired by my LOVE of bubble baths and plants. The hairy legs also make me chuckle and I think they make the card extra

Can you tell us a little bit more about your design process? What do you enjoy most about the design process?
First I experiment with compositions in a sketchbook, and then once I have chosen the most striking I do a sketch on my iPad. I then pick a colour scheme and colour the design, which is possibly my favourite part as I think finding the right colours is really important, rewarding, and sets the mood of the illustration.

How did you get into illustration/design?
I have always loved drawing and making things, and chose to study Illustration for my degree for my enjoyment of storytelling. I graduated from Falmouth uni in 2017 and since then have been lucky enough to work on a variety of freelance projects.

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in the everyday; the little bits of humour within the mundane that keep us going. This includes my family and friends, telly, funny stories that people tell me and people watching.

Who is your favourite designer/artist/creative person?
Grayson Perry- I love how he can apply social commentary to all sorts of mediums like tapestry and ceramics- and how he is making art more accessible via his TV programme
during lockdown and by telling stories of everyday people.

Do you have any top tips for aspiring designers?
Be you! There’s a lot of competition out there so the best way to be unique is to be yourself, stick to your passions and beliefs and just love what you do.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself ☺
I cant dance to save my life but I once won a dance-off with my friend on a boat in Australia by doing the worm…

What is your favourite film?
Isle of Dogs! Wes Anderson meets wholesome dog film- what’s not to love?

What is your star sign?
Cancer… which means I’m super emotional!