Can you tell us a little bit more about your design process? What do you enjoy most about the design process?

I begin with getting myself inspired, Brighton lanes are full of independent artists and creative boutique shops there is nothing better than walking around feeling a burst of inspiration on a sunny day with a coffee in hand! I like to keep up with what is trending – I love putting together a list, when I feel like I have creative block a list really helps me get back on a roll. I start off by drawing my illustrations with pencil on paper then I scan them in, using illustrator I work on them in detail adding colour and effects.

How did you get into illustration/design?

I have been obsessed with drawing from a very young age, give me a crayola set and you would not see me for the rest of the day! I then went on to study art at college then on to textile design at university.

Where do you find inspiration?
Arty shops in cool places, Barcelona is my favourite.

Who is your favourite designer/artist/creative person?
Fran Labuschange her designs are so unique and playful.

Do you have any top tips for aspiring designers?

Just keep going, when I see my designs from years ago I cringe. Your style does develop and you will get better if you’re passionate enough and put the work in you will get there, nothing happens over night. Put together a portfolio that reflects the type of projects you want to work on, you will thank yourself later on.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

I fell down a drain when I was 4 🙂

What is your favourite film?

Just go with it

What is your star sign?