We’ve put together a cute little gift guide featuring all things LGBTQ+! This diverse and inclusive selection of curated goodies is perfect for supporting pride month, which this year is celebrating its 50th year.

 Image:© Pauline’s Rainbow Craft

Decorate Your Home with Rainbow Couture

How cute is this quirky hand crochet cushion design by Pauline’s Rainbow Craft? If your living room needs a bit of a life of positivity, or your bedroom fancies a splash of colour, then this cushion is the perfect addition to your home. Showcase your fun side, whilst also subtly showing your support for the pride movement and everything it stands for, by grabbing yourself this little gem.

Send a ‘Pun’ny Card with Sunshine Llama

New publishing brand Sunshine Llama teamed up with talented freelancer Beth Free on a range of five greeting cards, celebrating all things LGBTQ+. It was hard to choose a favourite, but eventually we landed on this new home card. Adding a touch of humour with this pun, this ‘homo-owners’ design is guaranteed to put a smile on the recipients’ faces. We simply can’t get enough of the minimal yet perfectly executed artwork. Great job, Beth!

Image:© Ezra W Smith 

Transform Your White Walls with Pride

If you want to explicitly show your support for the pride movement all year round (and we recommend this highly!), then why not invest in this cute print from Ezra W Smith? Say ‘goodbye’ to boring wall art and hello to colour with this bold, typographic design. Ezra is a proud supporter of LGBTQ+ topics, and her whole portfolio of art shows this proudly. We recommend checking out her other designs as well – what a talented lady this girl is!

The Pin Prick

Image: ©The Pin Prick Shop 

 Jazz Up Your Lapel with a Rainbow Pride Pin

If you want the chance to transform your regular outfits into wardrobe choices with a higher purpose, then it’s time to invest in a pride enamel pin. Whatever the weather, whatever your mood and whatever you choose to don clothes-wise in the mornings (or afternoons, we’re not judging!), you can complete your look instantly with the addition of a pride pin. We love the selection available over at London-based The Pin Prick shop – with so much choice, you’ve no excuse not to get one!

P.S. They also sell rainbow shoelaces. We are absolutely in LOVE.

Image: © Laura Lee Designs 

Upgrade your Note Making with Laura Lee Designs

We cannot get enough of these funky little notepads from Laura Lee Designs. Available as a single unit or as a set of two, these notebooks are filled with 100% recycled paper, making them as eco-friendly as they are cool. We’ve picked out the cat design, but Laura also has versions available with dogs and dinos too – the choice is yours!

Colour Your Life Club

Image:© Colour Your Life Club 

Join the Colour Your Life Club

Why not accessorise your jazzy notebook with some equally jazzy pencils? Colour Your Life Club has a whole host of statement LGBTQ+ pencils with slogan messaging. Our favourite is the positive foil stamped rainbow pencil set, featuring inspiring phrases such as ‘I Am Enough’, ‘Totally Got This’ and ‘Kindness Rules’, but you can take your pick from loads of other sets and colour ways. Colour Your Life Club also makes and sells LGBTQ+ pin badges, so you can nab some of those before you checkout, too!

Make a Statement with your Cuppa

If you’re as big a caffeine fan as we are at Lucy Maggie Designs (but less of a fan of mug stains on your coffee table), then perhaps you’re looking for a fun way to show your support for the pride movement by way of a statement coaster set? One word – ‘Love’. That’s all we need to conquer prejudice and discrimination against LGBTQ+ communities. If we all practised this simple thing, just think of how much nicer the world would be.

Matching art prints also available.

Wrap Your Presents in Style

Are you big into pimping out your presents? Spend longer on the wrapping then you do on choosing the gift? Yes? Then boy do we have the wrapping paper for you. Featuring pride rainbows and hearts, this navy gift wrap is the perfect way to show your support for LGBTQ+ communities and support pride initiatives. You can buy this by the sheet through our website.

Henri Purnell

Get Creative with Henri Purnell

When putting together this guide, we came across so many cool products and indie makers – and Henri Purnell was no exception. Henri’s Pinterest is full of cool crafty ideas, and this DIY tote bag is just one of them. Provided you have a bit of creative flair, a blank tote bag and some acrylic paints, there’s no reason you can’t achieve greatness, just like Henri, by painting your own shopping accessory. We can’t WAIT to make our own version of this – perhaps tote bags will be the next thing to add to our product portfolio in 2022?! Thanks for the inspo, Henri!